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Estate Planning is about making sure you have all the right legal documents such as Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney in place to carry out your wishes and manage your estate in the event of your death or ill-health.

Taking the time now to plan what happens to the legacy you leave behind, can help reduce your Inheritance Tax bill and ensure your family will have less to worry about when you are gone.
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Protect your Wealth through Estate Planning

Estate Planning is so important because failing to make plans for your Estate can lead to unintended consequences for your beneficiaries, including the loss of wealth through paying unnecessary Inheritance Tax and Care Fees or in the event of a Divorce or relationship breakdown.

More than just a Will...

A Will dictates who should receive what from the division of your assets when you die. Estate Planning ensures that your assets are protected from the unforeseen risks that often reduce the value left in your Estate and your family’s Inheritance.

Estate Planning is a comprehensive look at your entire Estate. Understanding the makeup of your assets, making sure your Estate is structured in the most tax efficient way, whilst maximising your tax reliefs, protecting against Long Term Care Fees, Inheritance Tax, Divorce, Relationship Breakdowns, as well as reducing the risk of your Will being successfully contested. 

Typically, it includes planning like Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney to protect you during your lifetime, as well as a protective and tax efficient Will Trust arrangement to deal with your Estate upon your death.

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As professional Estate Planners, we are passionate about helping people to protect their wealth and our 40 minute FREE Wills & Trusts Estate Planning Webinar is designed to ensure you have all the information you need to choose the right Estate Planning path for you and your loved ones.

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Steven Blofield
Steve is the Director and Senior Estate Planner at Redwood Financial. He helps Clients to manage and grow their wealth and protect their estate.

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