Notification of Online Services

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    Notification of Online Serivices

    Thank you for your interest in working with Redwood Financial Family Wealth & Estate Planners.

    Unfortunately, we no longer offer an online Will and Last Powers of Attorney Service.

    Discontinuation of Online Services.

    We are prioritising personal connections with our Clients to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s wishes and intentions. While online platforms may provide convenience and accessibility, face-to-face interactions with a qualified professional can offer a more personalised and nuanced approach to drafting a Will. By engaging in direct conversations and building a rapport with our legal experts, you can feel confident that your unique circumstances, concerns, and desires are fully addressed in your Will.

    This personal touch allows for a more tailored and accurate representation of your final wishes, leading to greater peace of mind and a sense of trust in the legal process. Additionally, direct consultations can offer opportunities for clarification, discussion of potential contingencies, and the inclusion of specific provisions that may not be easily captured in an automated online form.

    Ultimately, we believe that by prioritising personal connections, we can ensure that your Will accurately reflects your wishes and provides a solid foundation for the distribution of your assets, bringing you and your loved ones greater reassurance.

    Steven Blofield

    Steve is the Director and Senior Estate Planner at Redwood Financial. He helps Clients to manage and grow their wealth and protect their estate.

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    Steve Blofield and his team are excellent! Friendly and helpful advice is readily at hand and has opened my eyes to the importance of estate planning. A brief phone conversation is always followed by a comprehensive email. This firm deserves its awards and excellent reputation.

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