Complimentary Will Review Service

With our busy lives and personal circumstances changing and evolving over the years, one of the last things you may think about is the validity of your Will and whether it still accurately reflects your wishes.

Do I need to change my Will?

If you are contemplating changing your Will, then it usually means a significant event has occurred in your life. This could be a marriage, a divorce, new children, grand-children, children from a new relationship, or the loss of a loved one.

The first question is, do I need a new Will or can I just change my existing Will? Either way, both are simple to achieve with the right professional guidance and support. Whether you need to change your Will or make a new one, depends on what changes and the complexity of the change you are making. This is why before you update or change your Will, we recommend using our complimentary Will Review Service.

What is a Will Review Service?

Our Will Review Service provides an opportunity for you to have your Will and any other existing Estate Planning documents comprehensively reviewed by one of our professional expert Advisers. Your complimentary Will Review Meeting can take place over the Phone, by Video Call or at our Offices. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Find out why a Will Review Meeting is so important, watch our short video here: Will Review Meeting – What to Expect.

Book your Complimentary Will Review Meeting

Book your complimentary will review meeting with one of our experts. If you have any questions, then you can contact us before booking your review meeting.

Why do I need my Will reviewed?

Significant events, such as the death of a partner, a marriage, re-marriage, or a relationship breakdown in the family, are all reasons why your Will might no longer reflect your wishes. Tax and Government Legislation changes can also contribute to a Will failing to reflect what someone would like to happen with their assets when they die. Lastly, we often see poor advice leading many people to draft Wills without valuable protection from things like Inheritance Tax, Care Fees, Divorce, and Bankruptcy.

How does the Will Review Service work?

After booking your complimentary Will Review Meeting, we will request copies of your Will and other Legal Documents for one of our qualified Estate Planning Adviser’s to review. At your complimentary Will Review Meeting one of our qualified Adviser’s will then take you through your Will and other Legal Documents and explain in plain English:

By the end of your 30 minute Will Review Meeting, you will either have complete peace of mind that your Estate Planning remains up-to-date and legally valid, or you will know the changes you need to make to your Will and other Legal Documents.

As an award-winning, professional, family-owned firm our complimentary Will Review Service is not just completely free of charge, but it is also completely free of any obligation. So, if changes to your Will are needed, our qualified Estate Planning Adviser will be able to explain your options, whether you would like to ask us to implement these changes, implement them with another firm or do them yourself.

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