Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions are normally very helpful for our prospective new Clients, to understand the way in which we work and how that will benefit them.

Q. Why is it so important that I complete your Initial Meeting Questionnaire before my meeting?

A. We believe that the greatest benefit is for you, because by completing the questionnaire, this will help you to focus your mind on what is most important to you, so you are more likely to get the maximum benefit out of your meeting with us.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. Because treating Clients fairly is at the heart of how we work, we always charge fixed fees for our services, as we believe it is the only fair and un-biased way to deliver the best advice and service. We do not like to work on a commission basis or charge hourly rates, as we believe you should always know in advance the full and final costs before you make a decision to proceed with any planning.

Q. What happens after the Initial Meeting?

A. After your Initial Meeting if you would like us to help with your Planning, then we will work with you through our Discovery Process. This involves discussing your specific objectives for your Planning,  resenting our analysis and recommendations to you and then putting in place those recommendations which you have decided to implement.

Q. Will I be expected to make a decision on the day at my Initial Meeting?

A. Typically, the vast majority of our Clients do make their decisions on the day; this is because after meeting with us they are completely happy and confident to do so, however the choice is always yours.

Q. What happens if you cannot help me?

A. This rarely happens, but if we find your needs are outside of our scope of expertise, or we feel a different expert will be better placed to help you, then we will happily use our extensive range of professional connections to help recommend the right specialist for you.

Q. What type of Financial Advisors are you?

A. Redwood Financial Family Wealth & Estate Planners Ltd is Directly Authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority. This is reserved for only the most professional and experienced Financial Advisor firms, who feel confident in their ability to govern their internal compliance procedures directly with the Financial Conduct Authority. We are restricted Financial Advisors as we limit our advice to specific investment and pension products. We do not advise on VCT’s, Cash ISA’s, Structured Products & QROPS.

Q. What qualifications do you have?

A. All of our highly skilled Financial Advisors have a great deal of experience in Financial Planning and Estate Planning and are Certified Financial Advisors (Dip FA) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Jasmine was awarded the British Young Practitioner of the Year in 2018. She is a qualified Chartered Financial Planner and a full Society of Will Writers member. We also have specialist qualifications in Equity Release (CeRER) and Long Term Care Fee Planning (CeLTCI). Although there are no formal qualifications needed to advise clients on their Wills & Estate Planning, all of our Estate Planners are members of the Society of Will Writers, a self-regulatory organisation whose primary objectives are to uphold the advancement, education and ethical standards within the Will Writing & Estate Planning vocation.

Q. How do you attract new Clients and will I be expected to recommend or refer others to you?

A. We hope that you will want to recommend us to others as we believe that the best compliment we can ever receive is a recommendation, but it is never expected of you. We also grow and attract new Clients in several ways including our expert reader’s column and our Public Seminars, but we still value more than anything else, a personal recommendation from our delighted Clients.

Q. I don’t want to be treated like a number, I want to be treated like a person, how do you deliver and maintain your personal service, especially as you grow?

A. We place a great importance on delivering a fantastic personal service because we want all our Clients to be raving fans. As we grow, we use our simple “35 to 1” rule to maintain our service standards. This means we will always maintain a maximum of just 35 Clients for every member team member employed in our business; so you are always guaranteed a personal service and you are never treated just like a number.

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