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Since 2014, Redwood Financial has been providing the highest quality Financial Advice and Planning to help families grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.

Our Clients trust us to always be transparent, honest, and fair with them and we trust our Clients to do the same in return. The Redwood Team takes absolute pride in not just what we do for our Clients, but also the quality and consistency of all the advice and work we deliver, so naturally, we want our Client relationships to extend across the generations, allowing us to deliver true Family Wealth Planning, ensuring financial security for generations to come.

What Do Financial Advisers Do?

Our Financial Advisers help our Clients to create strategies for minimising and mitigating financial risk to build wealth over the long term. Our dedicated Advisors will help our Clients by talking to them about their financial objectives, goals and risk tolerance and then recommend an appropriate Financial Planning Strategy.

Regular reviews, updates and strategy realignments are a primary function of our Advisers, to keep our Clients on track to achieve their financial goals.

This is a tightly regulated market and our Advisors are highly qualified, regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and have a deep knowledge of all the latest financial products on the market.

Our Financial Advisors specifically specialise in:

What is the difference between a Restricted Adviser and an Independent Financial Adviser?

Both Restricted and Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) can help you to grow, protect and enjoy your wealth. The difference lays in the breadth of Investment products they offer.

We have chosen to be a Restricted Adviser business, this is because at Redwood we do not advise on all types of Investment Products for example Cash ISA’s, Structured Products, QROPS and VCT’s (Venture Capital Trusts), which for the majority of our Clients would not meet their needs anyway.

We therefore restrict our advice to mainstream investments such as Pensions, ISA’s, Unit Trusts and Bonds, which meet the needs of most of our Clients that we work with. Although we have preferred Investment Managers we work with, we are not tied to any particular Investment Provider or Institution and we don’t work on a commission basis, so any advice we do give on these products is independent of any ties or affiliations and is only based on which Investment Provider can meet your needs and objectives.

A fully Independent Financial Adviser must consider the whole universe of Investment Products and Providers no matter how big or small or relevant to your needs. This may seem at first glance to be offering you a better range of Investment opportunities, however, it also means your Adviser is spending a lot of time and your money in researching, managing and maintaining knowledge on multiple products and providers, many of which may never be needed or relevant to you and your investment objectives.

We find that most Clients do not need to go outside the remit of our restricted advice service, saving them time and money. But where they do, we will also recommend an Independent Financial Adviser to help meet their needs.

What are the responsibilities of a Financial Adviser?

Our Financial Advisers responsibilities include:

Talking to Clients to determine their expenses, income, insurance coverage, financial objectives, tax status, risk tolerance, or other information needed to develop a financial plan.

Answering Client questions about financial plans and strategies and giving financial advice.

Advising strategies for Clients in Insurance coverage, Investment Planning, Financial Planning, Long Term Care Fee Planning, Income Management, and other financial products to help them reach financial objectives.

Reviewing Clients accounts and plans on a regular basis to understand if life or economic changes, situational concerns, or financial performance necessitate changes in their plan.

Analysing financial data received from Clients to develop strategies for meeting Clients’ financial goals.

Preparing or interpreting financial document summaries, investment performance reports and income projections for Clients.

Implementing financial plans or referring Clients to professionals who can help them, for example, Accountancy firms and Tax Specialists.

Managing and updating Client portfolios.

Contacting Clients regularly to discover changes in their financial status, or to update them on any legislative changes or important changes in the Markets.

Do I need to use a Financial Adviser?

Financial advice is not only required by the wealthy, everyone can benefit from it. It can help you protect and build your assets and assist you in making the most of your Investments while securing the long-term future financial success of you and your family’s wealth.

We can think of multiple reasons to use a Financial Adviser, but here are our 10 top reasons to use one.

1. Protecting your family

The Life Insurance market has a mind-boggling selection of products available. Our Advisers can help you select the right product for you. They will assess your position and guide you through the best options to protect yourself and your family – whether you are single or married, have a young family, or are approaching retirement, there are many reasons why you may need life and critical illness insurance, but knowing how much and what type can be a minefield without expert advice.

2. Creating a Savings & Spending Plan

Building your assets to secure your Long-Term Financial Security requires some detailed planning. We all want to make sure we have enough to get us through the rainy days, as well as to pay for holidays and life’s little luxuries.

Step one is to plan your spending so that you begin to save, and step two is to plan that saving so that you can build your wealth as efficiently as possible. Irrespective of the amount, a financial adviser can look at your situation and find the best starting point for you.

3. Retirement Planning

With your short-term saving needs sorted, you can turn your attention to thinking about the long-term plan. We all recognise that the basic state pension for the vast majority of us is insufficient to have the quality of lifestyle we would like in our retirement.

Effective Retirement Planning can be a complex business, and there are many different options available. A Financial Advisor will guide you through the many regulations and pension product options to construct a portfolio to maximise your long-term financial security, making sure you can retire when you want and living the lifestyle you want.

4. Releasing equity from your home

If you do find yourself falling short of your income and capital needs in retirement, but don’t want to move home and downsize, our Advisers can help you realise the benefit locked up within your property. Once they have considered all the alternative options with you, they will provide advice on the suitability of an Equity Release product for you.

With the mortgage market becoming more and more complex and lenders’ requirements more stringent, our Financial Advisers could save you thousands by making the most of your equity and utilising our network of expert lenders who would otherwise not be available to you.

5. Achieving your Investment Goals

As you progress through life and your assets and income begin to increase, you can start considering how to enhance your position rather than simply maintain it.

You might like the idea of early retirement, or maybe paying private tuition fees for your grandchildren or another family member. Perhaps you want to help the next generation get onto the property ladder with a deposit for a house, or even pay your adult children’s’ mortgage for them!

Whatever your goal, our Financial Advisers can help assess what is realistically possible and plan with you to help you achieve it in a safe and secure way that protects your Investment from unnecessary taxation or future loss through divorce or a relationship breakdown.

With the mortgage market becoming more and more complex and lenders’ requirements more stringent, our Financial Advisers could save you thousands by making the most of your equity and utilising our network of expert lenders who would otherwise not be available to you.

6. A Diverse Investment Portfolio

Investment is as much about protecting against potential downsides as it is about targeting maximum growth. High returns are often associated with high risk and not everyone likes the idea that their investment might fall by a third or more overnight!

Our Financial Advisers will make a detailed assessment of your attitude to risk before making recommendations. They will also ensure you do not put all your eggs in one basket by helping you diversify not only across asset classes but also across accounts, individual funds, and product providers.

7. Provide an objective assessment

You may well have seen reports on the news of some Investment funds collapsing, or people rushing to withdraw their Investments from a fund as panic starts to ensue. You will often find these same people had rushed to invest in a new opportunity or product, swept along by a certain amount of hype at the time.

Just because an opportunity is new and exciting and full of promise for big returns, doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for you. Investors will continue to be caught out by market ‘bubbles’ or high charges because they rush headlong in.

Our Advisers know how products work in different markets and will identify possible downsides for you as well as the potential benefits, so that you can then make an informed decision about where to invest and the level of risk associated with that investment.

8. Money-Saving Expertise

Having completed your risk and investment assessments, the next step is to look at taxation; even the most basic overview of your position could help.

It may simply mean using Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) or a Pension Plan to benefit from government incentives or choosing growth focussed assets over income to maximise Capital Gains Allowances versus paying Income Tax. For more complicated arrangements, it could mean moving assets to your spouse or children to maximise their personal allowances instead.

Our Financial Advisers will always have your tax position in mind when making recommendations and point you in the right direction even in complicated situations.

9. Ongoing Performance Management

Putting your Investments and Financial Planning in place is just part of the role of a Financial Adviser, they will also monitor them in case market developments or abnormal events push them off course. They will assess their performance against their peers, ensure that your asset allocation does not become distorted as markets fluctuate and help you consolidate gains as the deadlines for your ultimate goals move closer.

10. For peace of mind

Money is a complicated subject, and there are many things to consider when protecting it and making the most of it. Markets are volatile, and the media are prone to exaggerate the risks and rewards.

Our Financial Advisers can cut through the hype to steer you in the right direction. Whether you need general, practical advice or a specialist with dedicated expertise, you will find that in the long term, the money you invest in expert advice will be paid back many times over.

How can I arrange to speak to a Financial Adviser?

If you are ready to take the next step of speaking to an Adviser, or if you would like to know a little more about how we can help you, call us on 01489 877 547 or complete our contact form for a call or email back.

Please note that our minimum investment threshold for new Clients is £250,000.

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