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Grow, protect and enjoy your wealth

Helping our Clients to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth is at the heart of what we do at Redwood and our Financial Advisers are experts at providing professional and effective savings and ISA advice.

Savings and Investments

The vast majority of us have, at some time in our lives, saved up money to purchase something we really want or need. For many, it started as a child saving for a toy you really wanted, or maybe that first car in your teenage years, or a deposit for a first house, through to a significant life milestone like a wedding and honeymoon. As you age further, your priorities may change to focus on your family and your children’s education before you naturally begin to focus more on how you will fund your retirement.

Saving is an ingrained way of life for many people, while others are keen to rekindle the savings habit. Whether your goals are short or long term, our professional expert Advisers can help you with advice on savings, what savings accounts are best, which savings accounts offer the best interest rate, which savings accounts are the most tax efficient, what to do with savings to make sure you save a level of money you can reasonably afford to achieve your financial goals. They will help you with advice about appropriate products that will maximise your investment, both now and when you are ready to use the funds or draw an income from them.

ISA Planning

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are an extremely effective way to save money. Unlike property, on which you have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any profit, the interest you earn on your ISA investment is tax-free. The current (2020/21) annual threshold is £20,000 which can be invested into a Cash ISA, an ISA that invests in Unit Trusts or Equities, or a combination of the two.

Developed as a way to encourage more people to save, ISA’s were launched in 1999 and replaced the old-fashioned PEPs and TESSAs. There are There are 4 types of ISA available in the UK:

  • Cash ISAs
  • Stocks and Shares ISAs
  • Innovative Finance ISAs
  • Lifetime ISAs

Anyone over the age of 16 can have and manage a Cash ISA, while those aged 18 or older have the option of investing in the other ISA products.

Junior Cash ISAs are also available for children up to 18. Junior Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are long-term, tax-free savings accounts for children.

Used correctly, ISAs can play a significant role in wealth management, allowing you to grow, protect and enjoy your wealth in a tax-effective way.

Investment Planning to grow your savings

Our Investment Planning Process

We always start with an in-depth conversation with our Clients to cover a range of topics, which will determine several key inputs to then identify the correct investment strategy capable of meeting the Client’s needs. It will develop amongst other things, a mutual understanding of the Client’s tolerance for risk, aspirations for return, need for liquidity, and requirements for income, tax position, existing assets, and any investment biases.

The principle aim of this discussion is to understand the service required, the identification of assets for investment and to provide the framework for creating a suitable structure and portfolio of those returns.

Creating Your Investment Strategy

Achieving your financial goals and needs will not just happen on its own, you will need a detailed plan of action which we call your Investment Strategy. We will build an asset allocation framework to provide a diversification of opportunity, thereby ensuring the greatest probability of achieving your aspirations.

Identification of the right asset classes at the right time is critical to the long-term performance of a multi asset portfolio. Successful asset allocation over time is what will ensure your financial goals and objectives are met.

Investment Selection

Once your asset allocation is set, we will help you to determine who and what is best able to deliver the performance across the different market cycles. We will work closely with our recommended Investment Specialists, utilising their Fund Managers expertise in delivering consistent, quality returns.

Investment Management

Helping you set your Investment Strategy and selecting the right Investments is just the initial part of the Investment Planning Process. Our role then evolves into the ongoing management and monitoring of your portfolios and investments to ensure they remain consistent with your risk and return objectives.

We will keep you abreast of the evolving market through our Quarterly Investment Bulletin, or by ad-hoc communications sooner if this is deemed necessary. At Redwood, our Investment Clients have access to a Financial Adviser should they need them throughout the year, as well as having a 121 Annual Review Meeting and attending Our Annual Client Investment Conference.

The Quarterly Investment Bulletin will also include your personal Investment Plan update so you can see exactly how your plan is progressing against your objectives. You can also access the most up to date view of your funds’ performance through your online portal as often as you like.

Putting you in the driving seat of achieving your Investment Plan is critical to its success, and we are here every step of the way to guide and advise you on how best to keep it on track.

Please note that our minimum investment threshold for new Clients is £250,000.

Savings Advice

As Savings and Investment specialists, Redwood do not only advise on ISAs, but all types of Savings and Investment products, creating a bespoke solution that suits your immediate needs as well as the lifestyle you aspire to lead.

We will work with you to assess your income and goals, your acceptance of or aversion to risk, and other influencing factors before giving you a recommended Investment Plan and our reasons for the choice of products we recommend.

It rarely makes good financial sense to have all your savings in one type of investment, and so our Savings and Investment Advisers will help you to ensure you select a well-rounded portfolio of Investments that will maximise your Savings while balancing the risk to a level that is appropriate for your stage in life.

For example, you may wish to invest your savings in stocks and shares when you are younger but want the flexibility to be able to move them into cash to protect your accumulated wealth as you get closer to retirement.

Please note that our minimum Savings threshold for new Clients is £250,000.

Regulated Advice You Can Trust

The Advice we give our Clients is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK).

As the regulator of financial services in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is responsible for the functioning of the U.K.’s financial markets. The goal of the organisation is to ensure honest and fair markets for individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole. The Authority does this by protecting consumers, protecting the financial markets, and promoting competition. The FCA falls under the purview of the U.K.’s Treasury and Parliament.

Our Advisers are all Certified Financial Advisers by the London Institute of Banking & Finance to provide professional financial advice, as well as holding numerous industry recognised qualifications including DipFA, CeRER, CeLTCI.

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