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Personal Estate Planning Health Check Report

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Are you doing all you can to protect your loved ones?

When was the last time you reviewed your Will? Have you put the right Lasting Power of Attorney in place?

When was the last time you discussed life after death with your family? This year? Last year? Never?

We know this can all seem like a very daunting subject, but help is at hand!

We are delighted to offer you a complimentary Estate Planning health check report as a valued Client, friend or trusted partner of Redwood.

 This exclusive offer is brought to you in partnership with The Willing Wisdom Index™.

What is the Willing Wisdom Index™?

The Willing Wisdom Index™ is a digital platform that lets us help people to consider important Estate Planning decisions before they embark on their Estate Planning journey, or just to check that the planning they have in place is still valid, up to date and reflecting their wishes.

By completing the 10 minute online questionnaire, you will receive a detailed report on the health of your current Estate Planning, together with an overall rating score out of 100 about how prepared you are should the worst happen to you. Your report is packed with great advice about where you have opportunities to put the highest level of protections in place to secure your wealth for your loved ones and for future generations to come.

Watch the Willing Wisdom Index™ short video to find out more:

How does it work?

  1. Click the link to access the Willing Wisdom Index™ Estate Planning Checklist Report system.
  2. Register with your name and email address. This is needed to create and email your completed report.
  3. Complete the 10 minute checklist questionnaire which has been composed of easy Yes/No questions and submit it when you have finished the questionnaire. You can also choose to select to send a copy of your report to Redwood at this stage!
  4. Shortly after submission you will receive your Estate Planning health check report into your email box. (You may need to check your junk folder if you have not received it).
  5. Review your report! There are no right or wrong scores, however the lower the score the more opportunities exist to take further action to protect your Estate. The report provides improvement recommendations and a personalised ‘to-do’ list to help you.
  6. If you have chosen to share your report with us, we’ll contact you after a few days to see how we can help. If your report score and recommendations have identified areas in your current Estate Planning that need addressing then we are here to help!
    We have a wide range of help options available including: free public information webinars on Estate Planning, complimentary Will Review meetings , as well as extensive information on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are passionate about educating others on how to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth. For many years we have been running free public information seminars and webinars to grow awareness of the amazing opportunities and benefits available with the right type of Estate Planning. 

Offering this free report is an extension of that desire to help other learn and take control of their planning. Experience has taught us that having seen what can be achieved, the vast majority of people go on to ask us to help them secure their financial legacy for future their loved ones.

No! This report is completely anonymous and personal to you. It is designed to help you understand the health of your current Estate Planning and the opportunities to improve your planning to maximise the protection of your wealth and assets for your loved ones. Redwood do not see any of the responses you put into the questionnaire, and unless you have ticked the option to share your report with us we do not see your completed report either.

Those who have informally separated at the time of death can still inherit the Estate under the Rules of Intestacy, so as soon as separation occurs, it is important to write a Will if you don’t wish your Estate to go to your separated spouse.

That really depends on what you want to happen! If you choose to share the report at the time of submission, we will call contact you a week later when you have had time to read and digest its contents to see if we can help in anyway. 

You may have some questions that you would like to discuss with an expert Advisor, or have some concerns about an existing Will or Estate Planning documentation, perhaps you just want more information on the subject to help your understanding.

The great news is we have a multitude of ways we can help you: from free webinars, complimentary meetings, to a range of comprehensive LPA, Will, Trust and Estate Planning writing services.

The philosophy at Redwood is that people need to know and under a subject fully before they can make an informed decision and choice about what is right for them. That’s why our free public education events and content have always been our primary marketing tool. So we guarantee that the one thing you won’t get from Redwood is a ‘hard sell’! Our experience has shown us that the vast majority of people who use our extensive free public information products go on to ask us to help them.

Clearly we are a commercial business and we need to create a profit from the work that we do, and many years of looking after Clients has taught us that the best way to earn their trust, their business and their long term loyalty is to help them make well educated, informed decisions through communication that is open, honest, transparent, easy to understand and informative.

That very much depends on what is important to you. Redwood offer a basic Single Will from just £49 inc. VAT. However, there are many layers and facets to Estate Planning and each will be bespoke to your personal needs and goals.

Starting your Estate Planning journey is free, through our education events and complimentary meeting options. Treating our Clients fairly is at the heart of everything we do, and our Fee Structure is no different. We always charge fixed fees for our services, as we believe it is the only fair and un-bias way to deliver the best advice and service.

We do not like to work on a commission basis or charge hourly rates, as we believe you should always know in advance the full and final costs before you make a decision to proceed with any planning. The fees we charge are based on the complexity of your specific requirements and are not variable by the value of the Estate we are helping you with.

You can find out more about our fee structures here: Fees & Pricing | Redwood Financial | Estate Planning Costs

Yes! Your Estate Planning health check report is yours to keep and that means you can take it to any Estate Planning expert to ask for help with improving the health of your plan. We will just be delighted that we have inspired you to take action and do something to protect your hard earned wealth and legacy for your loved ones. 

We do hope however that we have demonstrated our desire and passion to help you and given you the confidence in Redwood as a firm that you can trust and do business with!

The questionnaire is written as a series of questions that require a Yes, No or not Applicable response from you. We recommend you don’t spend ages pondering a response to each question, go with your gut reaction. The chances are, if you don’t know the answer then the response to the question is No!          

Yes! Please use the ‘I Have a Questions’ contact form below and we get back to you as quickly as possible.

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