How to sell your IFA business

how to sell your ifa business

With increasing insurance costs, regulation, compliance, costs associated with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and increased administrative overheads, many Independent Financial Advisers are looking to sell their IFA business.

IFA business owners also cite the additional financial burdens placed upon them as a result of changes to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Capital Adequacy Requirements in recent years. This has resulted in smaller IFA businesses having less to spend on updating their technology and growing and developing their businesses while impacting the time they have to actually look after their Clients.

The good news is that demand for professional financial advice has increased significantly recently and there are strong levels of cash under investment, and so there is good demand if you are looking at selling your IFA business. Redwood Family Wealth & Estate Planners Ltd. looking to engage with you if you are considering selling your IFA business.

We’d love to hear about your IFA business!

  • Are you a small IFA firm or individual Financial Planner looking to retire in the next 1-2 years?
  • Are you concerned about how your Clients will be serviced when you retire?
  • Do you question the ethos of selling to a big, faceless firm?
  • Do you want to continue to generate revenue from your Client referrals and relationships even in Retirement?

If so, we would LOVE to chat with you! Contact us today to start the process!

Why choose Redwood to sell your IFA business to?

Speaking to many fellow IFA’s over the years, we have seen several issues with the typical industry buyout process.

Whether it’s your Client Portfolio is too small and doesn’t meet the exact criteria set by these large acquisitions or consolidator firms, the two extremes of either having to continue actively working for a number of years after the sale or not being allowed to have any ongoing communication or contact with your Clients after they are sold, or concerns about selling your Clients to a faceless organisation that doesn’t have the same values and ethos you do; the typical buyout model is less than perfect for many IFA businesses.

Redwood Financial is a family-owned firm

Redwood has been offering financial services and financial advice for over two decades and in that time we have helped thousands of people to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.

We have also seen firsthand the experience of many of our IFA peers as they have gone through the process of selling their financial services businesses, and the emotional journey they have gone on in relinquishing client relationships they have held, often for many years, to a much larger acquiring company.

As a family-owned and run firm, we believed there was a better retirement solution that was unique, provided flexibility and choice for the retiring financial adviser, as well as ensuring great outcomes for their Clients.

You can choose to continue to benefit from referrals and maintain your relationships

Our Retirement Plans are designed to give you an income for life, with the flexibility and choice to maintain an ongoing relationship with your Clients, so you can also continue to benefit from any referrals and new business generated.

At Redwood, we have created a Retirement Solution for Retiring IFA’s which is unique and tailored to delivering the best outcomes for you and your Clients.

The Redwood roadmap to a successful IFA retirement

Many Financial Advisers find the process of retiring a daunting task and don’t even know where to start.

Our experience in helping other IFA’s to retire and sell their businesses, means we have created a step-by-step Roadmap to Retirement, which we will help guide you through, taking away the stress and administration of retiring.

Step 1. 1-2-1 Retirement Meeting with Redwood

We will hold a meeting with you to understanding your retirement goals and what you want from the sale of your business. The meeting is completely free of obligation to us both.

Step 2. Due Diligence

Getting to know more about your Clients, your firm and making sure we are the right fit for each other.

Step 3. Retirement Plan Proposal

We send you our 1st draft of what your Retirement Plan with Redwood would like if you chose to partner with us.

Step 4. Agree on Terms

Having discussed and agreed terms, the final draft of your Retirement Plan and Contract will be sent to you for signing.

Step 5. Welcome to Redwood Webinar & Seminar

Together we deliver a ‘Welcome to Redwood’ Seminar to your Clients, explaining your retirement, your ongoing relationship with Redwood, and how we will look after your Clients.

Step 6. The Transfer

Our team will help package up the Transfer Paperwork and send it to your Clients, so they can officially move over to Redwood. We will also organise a file and data transfer onto our systems for each transferring Client.

Step 7. Completion

Once the transfer is complete, you can sit back and enjoy your retirement, whilst still remaining an integral part of the Redwood Team and if you choose, your Clients lives too!

Step 8. Introducers Agreement

Your relationship with your Clients is a valued one, if you continue to meet with them, discuss their needs and receive referrals – you will continue to get revenue from our Introducers Agreement, for any new business and referrals you provide to Redwood.

Interested? Why not take the first step on the Roadmap to IFA Retirement!

Right now, Redwood Family Wealth & Estate Planners Ltd. are looking to help retiring IFA business owners who are considering selling their IFA firms or practices in the following geographic locations:

  • Hampshire
  • Isle of Wight
  • West Sussex
  • East Dorset
  • East Wiltshire
  • Berkshire
  • Surrey
  • South West London
  • East Wils

To find out if this could be right for you, just message us using the Contact Us Form and we’ll get in touch to you to arrange an initial call with you.

Jasmine Lambert Chartered Financial Planner
Jasmine Lambert

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