Executor, Trustee, Attorney & Guardian Webinar

Understanding Your Role and Responsibilities

You have been invited to watch this Webinar by someone who appointed you into the trusted role of an Executor, Trustee, Attorney or Guardian (ETAG). The Webinar is designed to help you to understand your legal and moral responsibilities in any of these roles.

In this short and punchy 30-minute Webinar, we will provide some background about the planning your loved ones have put in place, why you have been chosen by them to undertake this vital role, and the activities you will need to undertake when the time comes to fulfil your duties.

If you have put your own Estate Planning arrangements in the hands of a service provider other than Redwood, please do feel free to share this Webinar with your own chosen ETAGs, as this is really important and helpful information for anyone fulfilling these critical roles. If you do not currently have any Estate Planning in place and would like to know more about protecting your legacy for future generations, our Free Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Webinar is a great place to start your journey to discover more.

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About Our Free Webinars

When you attend our FREE Webinar, you will be surprised to find out that we will not try to sell you anything. These webinars will put you and your family in the driving seat so that you will know what action to take. Should you decide you want to talk to us after the event, we will be delighted to offer a NO OBLIGATION Initial Meeting to discuss your individual requirements.

If you ask us for help, instead of taking a commission for the work we do, we just charge a simple set fee, agreed in advance. No hourly rates, no commissions and no hidden fees.

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Steve Blofield and Jasmine Lambert are highly qualified Financial & Estate Planners who can explain complex issues in an easy to understand and entertaining way.

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