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Redwood Financial can provide the highest quality Financial Advice and Planning to help families in Worthing grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.
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Welcome to Redwood - Financial Advisors and Will Writers Worthing

Our Financial Advisors help our Clients to create strategies for minimising and mitigating financial risk to build wealth over the long term. Our dedicated Advisors will help our Clients by talking to them about their financial objectives, goals and risk tolerance and then recommend an appropriate Financial Planning Strategy.

Regular reviews, updates and strategy realignments are a primary function of our Advisors, to keep our Clients on track to achieve their financial goals.

This is a tightly regulated market and our Advisors are highly qualified, regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and have a deep knowledge of all the latest financial products on the market.

What type of Financial Advisors are we?

Redwood Financial Family Wealth & Estate Planners Ltd is Directly Authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority. This is reserved for only the most professional and experienced Financial Advisor firms, who feel confident in their ability to govern their internal compliance procedures directly with the Financial Conduct Authority. 

We are restricted Financial Advisors as we limit our advice to specific investment and pension products. We do not advise on VCT’s, Cash ISA’s, Structured Products & QROPS.

Meet our Team of Financial & Estate Planning Advisors for the Worthing area

Jasmine Lambert Chartered Financial Planner

Jasmine Lambert: Financial Planner

Jasmine Lambert is a Chartered Financial Planner who has been a qualified Financial Planner since 2008 and over many years has built a wealth of experience, both as Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Advisor, but also in the specialism of Pensions, Savings, and Investments.

Jasmine joined the Financial Services practice established in 1999 by her father, Steven Blofield Associates at 16 years old. After working her way up through all the office roles, while taking her exams to be a professional Financial Adviser in her own right, Jasmine became the Managing Director of the firm in 2010.

In 2014, Jasmine became an owner and director for the first time with the creation of Redwood Financial Family Wealth and Estate Planning Ltd, the business she still heads today.

Steve Blofield: Financial Planner

Steve Blofield has been a qualified Financial Planner since 1997 and his extensive time in the financial services industry has given him a wealth of experience, not only in this field but also in the specialism of Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning.

Steve established his own Financial Services practice, Steven Blofield Associates in 1999, and since 2015 he has dedicated all his time exclusively as a professional Estate Planner in Redwood Wills & Trust. Not only is Steve a dedicated practitioner in this area of law, he is also the Regional Chairman of the Society of Will Writers for Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Steve is also a mentor and teacher on Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, as he passes on his extensive knowledge and expertise to other professional Will Writers, Estate Planners, Financial Advisers, Accountants and Solicitors.

Our Financial Advisors specifically specialise in:


Our Pension Advisors have been helping Clients with specialist Pension Advice for over a decade. We can arrange all sorts of retirement solutions to meet your needs including a guaranteed income for life (annuity), income for a fixed term (fixed-term annuity), flexible access to your money (draw-down), or a combination of these.

Savings and ISA’s

Helping our Clients to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth is at the heart of what we do at Redwood and our Financial Advisers are experts at providing professional and effective savings and ISA advice.


Throughout your life, you are likely to need different financial products. This can include mortgages, pensions, savings and investment, tax planning and access to capital. A financial adviser can help you make the right decision about the best product for you.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning is about putting proactive planning in place to make sure your Estate is held and passed down to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient way possible. Family wealth is often subject to Inheritance Tax as it passes down each generation, eroding that wealth for you and your loved ones over time.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is currently one of the most important documents you could ever create as it is the only way to ensure your health and assets can be managed how you would want them to be, should you lose capacity during your lifetime.

Long Term Care Free Planning

What happens if you need to go into care, but cannot afford to pay the skyscraper prices of a luxury care home? Under the current system, if you meet a certain threshold the Government will pay for a home of their choosing. However, the threshold is such that often, many people still struggle to pay the fees.


We have a comprehensive range of Will Writing Services available, from our mirror Wills to a fully bespoke individual Estate Planning Service that can include Protective Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs), Inheritance Tax Planning and Long Term Care Free Planning,

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

A prepaid funeral plan is a way to pay in advance for the basic services involved in having a funeral. It gives you peace of mind, knowing the costs of your funeral and your personal wishes are guaranteed.


An essential part of protecting your assets for those you leave behind is making a Will. If you have dependants, you could set out what your wishes are for them in the event of your death, including naming those you wish to be their guardian.

Equity Release

Our purpose at Redwood Financial is help our Clients to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth through our extensive portfolio of wealth planning products and expertise, including Equity Release.

Do I need to use a Financial Advisor?

Financial advice is not only required by the wealthy, everyone can benefit from it. It can help you protect and build your assets and assist you in making the most of your Investments while securing the long-term future financial success of you and your family’s wealth. We can think of multiple reasons to use a Financial Adviser, so contact us to find out why.

How can I arrange to speak to a Financial Advisor?

If you are ready to take the next step of speaking to an Advisor, or if you would like to know a little more about how we can help you, call us on 01489 877 547 or complete our contact form for a call or email back.

Renowned for our Estate Planning Webinars

Our renowned Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Webinars and Seminars provide everyone with an opportunity to understand this topic in a fun and engaging way for free before they ever have to make a decision about their Planning.

Fixed Price Policy

Our Clients tell us they love our Fixed Price Policy, which means you will know every cost to the penny before having to decide or instruct us to act on your behalf. They also love the fact that we speak in Plain English wherever it is practical to do so, and explain any jargon used in an easy to understand way.

Amazing customer service and satisfaction guaranteed

Our Customer Service is highly prized by our Clients and is the envy of our competitors. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our Google Reviews and at Trading Standards!

On top of all that, our No Quibble Service Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you can have confidence that if you are unhappy with any aspect of the advice or services we have supplied, we’ll give you your money back!

Estate Planning FAQs:

We believe that the greatest benefit is for you, because by completing the questionnaire, this will help you to focus your mind on what is most important to you, so you are more likely to get the maximum benefit out of your meeting with us.

Because treating Clients fairly is at the heart of how we work, we always charge fixed fees for our services, as we believe it is the only fair and un-biased way to deliver the best advice and service. We do not like to work on a commission basis or charge hourly rates, as we believe you should always know in advance the full and final costs before you make a decision to proceed with any planning.

After your Initial Meeting if you would like us to help with your Planning, then we will work with you through our Discovery Process. This involves discussing your specific objectives for your Planning, resenting our analysis and recommendations to you and then putting in place those recommendations which you have decided to implement.

Typically, the vast majority of our Clients do make their decisions on the day; this is because after meeting with us they are completely happy and confident to do so, however the choice is always yours.
This rarely happens, but if we find your needs are outside of our scope of expertise, or we feel a different expert will be better placed to help you, then we will happily use our extensive range of professional connections to help recommend the right specialist for you.
Redwood Financial Family Wealth & Estate Planners Ltd is Directly Authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority. This is reserved for only the most professional and experienced Financial Advisor firms, who feel confident in their ability to govern their internal compliance procedures directly with the Financial Conduct Authority. We are restricted Financial Advisors as we limit our advice to specific investment and pension products. We do not advise on VCT’s, Cash ISA’s, Structured Products & QROPS.

All of our highly skilled Financial Advisors have a great deal of experience in Financial Planning and Estate Planning and are Certified Financial Advisors (Dip FA) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We also have specialist qualifications in Equity Release (CeRER) and Long Term Care Fee Planning (CeLTCI). Although there are no formal qualifications needed to advise clients on their Wills & Estate Planning, all of our Estate Planners are members of the Society of Will Writers, a self-regulatory organisation whose primary objectives are to uphold the advancement, education and ethical standards within the Will Writing & Estate Planning vocation.

We hope that you will want to recommend us to others as we believe that the best compliment we can ever receive is a recommendation, but it is never expected of you. We also grow and attract new Clients in several ways including our expert reader’s column and our Public Seminars, but we still value more than anything else, a personal recommendation from our delighted Clients.

We place a great importance on delivering a fantastic personal service because we want all our Clients to be raving fans. As we grow, we use our simple “35 to 1” rule to maintain our service standards. This means we will always maintain a maximum of just 35 Clients for every member team member employed in our business; so you are always guaranteed a personal service and you are never treated just like a number.
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